Tokyo Lamington expands to Marrickville

Tokyo Lamington expands to Marrickville

The doors to the Tokyo Lamington Marrickville store are open. Pictured is a dark wood door that stand ajar. On either side is a floor to ceiling glass window with the words 'Tokyo Lamington & the Bakery' written across them.

Tokyo Lamington has opened the doors to a new bakery.

Located in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner-west, the new addition – Tokyo Lamington & the Bakery – marks a significant milestone for the business.

Founders Eddie Stewart and Min Chai said the new bakery introduced a new concept that goes beyond their signature lamingtons.

“Our new store showcases a mid-century modern Australian aesthetic, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our patrons,” the duo said.

“We’ve blended nostalgic design elements with contemporary flair, reflecting the fusion ethos that we’re known for.

“While our iconic lamingtons remain at the heart of our offering, ‘& the Bakery’ introduces an expanded menu of artisanal baked goods. Our customers can expect a delightful array of pastries, cakes and breads.”

Eddie and Min said the Tokyo Lamington & the Bakery would allow them to spread their culinary wings and showcase their creativity beyond lamingtons.

Tokyo Lamington was born in 2019, with the flagship store opening in Sydney in 2020 where it instantly captured the eyes – and tastebuds – of the  baking scene, thanks to the unique fusion of the much-loved dessert and Japanese flavours.

Prior to this, the non-traditional lamingtons were only found in Singapore and Tokyo.

When the first store opened Eddie said the business had been born out of his and Min’s love for Japan, and his own memories of baking with his grandmother in Australia.

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