Tokyo Lamington Flagship Opens Doors in Sydney

Tokyo Lamington Flagship Opens Doors in Sydney

Tokyo Lamington’s Flagship opens its doors in Sydney today, taking the iconic Aussie desserts to new heights.

Born in 2019, Tokyo Lamington takes the humble Australian icon and turns it on its head; marrying the well-loved dessert with modern Japanese colour and spirit.

Founded by Min Chai (Founder of N2 Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (Previously Black Star Pastry  Alumni and founder of N2 Brunch Club), these untraditional Lamingtons were originally only found in Singapore and Tokyo, but following a successful collaboration with KokoBlack, Tokyo Lamington is launching its flagship Australian store in Market City, Sydney this Tuesday, September 22.

“Tokyo Lamington is not what you expect. It was born out of our love for Japan and my memories of baking with my grandmother here in Australia,” said Eddie.

The dessert brand isn’t just doing a traditional take on the quintessentially Aussie chocolate and coconut-covered cake. Instead, the sponge gets an international makeover with iterations in pandan, ube, lemon myrtle, black sesame, matcha and milk tea. There are also crowd favourites that include “Fairy bread with Popcorn Butter”, “Plain Old Chocolate”, “Ferrero Reveal” and “Lemon, Lime, Bitters.”

Tokyo Lamington is launching with a heartwarming creative campaign that celebrates this quintessential Aussie bakery item through the quintessential Aussie baker – Nanna. There’s not a lame-ington in sight!

Tokyo Lamington Flagship Opens Doors in Sydney   

Doors Officially Open 11AM at Market City – Level 3, 9 Hay Street Haymarket 2000.

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