Cake artist stuns with ’embroidery’ ic...

Cake artist stuns with ’embroidery’ icing technique

Cake artist Leslie Vigil creates stunning designs with an icing piping technique that makes the cakes look like they’re colourful embroidery.

On top of the magical tapestry cake creations, the Californian artist is highly skilled in magically transforming frosting into flowers, crossing the boundary between baking and art.

In her collection of work, Vigil covers ordinary cakes in sugary sweet “stitches”. Comprising stylised flowers, symmetrical laurel leaf patterns, and simple red hearts, the colourful patterns that adorn her cakes are reminiscent of those found on the Mexican folk dresses favoured by artist Frida Kahlo.

With an amassed 177k followers on Instagram, it’s clear the self-described “flour child” has struck a chord with many with her designs, and even offers cake decorating workshops.

Cake artist stuns with 'embroidery' icing technique  

In some of her works, Leslie mixes it up a little, adding other influences, for example, Russian influences. “I love the idea of harmonising textile embroidery traditions into my cake designs from different cultures,” she said of her icing technique inspiration.

Cake artist stuns with 'embroidery' icing technique  Cake artist stuns with 'embroidery' icing technique

On her Instagram page, Leslie also offers effective advice for cake decorating, such as achieving a smooth buttercream surface.

“With the help of a little acetate, you can create a smooth base for that perfect buttercream canvas… no need for fondant,” she writes.

“Simply cut a piece of acetate about 4 fingers wide (from any size roll), round off the corners, then use the smoothest edge of the acetate against the buttercream surface.”

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