New customer recording rules in NSW venues

New customer recording rules in NSW venues

New customer recording rules are in effect in NSW venues, including bakeries, from this week.

From Monday November 23, 2020, customer check-in at businesses must be completed using electronic methods e.g. a QR code. Paper sign-ins are no longer acceptable.

The Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in is strongly recommended to businesses as a free, secure and convenient system, but businesses are free to choose any electronic  system that meets the record keeping requirements.

Businesses and organisations that are required to collect patron records must record the following details for every person including staff, patrons and contractors entering the premises:

  • full name
  • phone number (and email address where possible)
  • date and time of entry (and time of exit where possible).

Records must be kept for a minimum period of 28 days and provided as soon as possible upon request from NSW Health, seven days a week.

From Monday November 23, some businesses and organisation will be required to collect details electronically (e.g. using QR code) and allocate a staff member to oversee that patrons are providing the required information. Patrons who will not provide valid contact information must be denied entry.

For patrons who do not have access to a smartphone, businesses and organisations are encouraged to record their contact details and time of entry in digital form using a non-QR electronic device, such as a computer.

In exceptional circumstances where an electronic method is not available, for example due to technical limitations or outages, paper records must be collected and be digitised as soon as possible e.g. by taking a readable digital photo.

NSW has also introduced ‘Out & About’ vouchers as a way to boost NSW hospitality businesses as part of a landmark package of measures designed to help the restaurant, café and catering sector get back on its feet after a horror year due brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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