Savour Launches Online Tutorials Via Google

Savour Launches Online Tutorials Via Google

Savour Chocolate and Pâtisserie School is now offering chocolate and pâtisserie advice via Google’s new marketplace, Helpouts, which connects people anywhere in the world with experts via live video.

The school’s chefs are using the platform to teach across a range of topics, including how to create chocolate and pastry and how to enter the baking industry. In turn, students can use the technology to show Savour chefs their work, such as chocolate tempering skills.

The sessions can also be recorded for further reference or for use in demonstrations and presentations.

As one of Australia’s most celebrated pastry chefs and chocolatiers, Savour Chocolate and Pâtisserie School director Kirsten Tibballs said the partnership with Google is a fantastic opportunity for both teachers and students.

“To be able to expand our reach from Australia to an international audience, while helping people with their chocolate and pâtisserie questions, is a win-win for everyone,” Kirsten said.

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