Round two for Miss Sina

cinnamon scrolls decorated with edible flowers (Miss Sina)

Sydney’s favourite vegan bakery and café, Miss Sina, recently opened the doors on its second location in Surry Hills. The new addition joins the already successful Marrickville location of the brand, which is helmed by Sina Klug, who also owns gluten-free bakery Nutie Donuts.

The new Miss Sina store is, in fact, a previous Nutie store that has been remade into a new location for the vegan bakery. The brand announced the new opening on its social media accounts, giving away 100 of its delicious cinnamon scrolls on the day.

The new store operates with the same menu as the Marrickville store, with everything being made daily at the original location. The menu changes with the seasons and varies daily depending on the produce that comes in.

“We’ve got such an open and creative space. We have set experiment days every week where everyone gets to bring their ideas and try them during work hours,” Sina told Broadsheet.

The team at Miss Sina is committed to reducing food waste and lowering their impact on the environment. To this end, they make use of their vegetable scraps—making tasty treats like homemade kimchi using cabbage stems and cauliflower leaf pate.

They also take bruised and overripe fruit and veg from their supplier. These ‘rejected’ fruits would otherwise be heading for landfill, but Miss Sina uses them in its range of pickles and chutneys, which also feature on their menu.

While catering predominantly for the vegan market, the new store hasn’t completely forgotten its roots.

“We have a lot of Nutie things in-store still, which are stored separately,” Sina said.

This has been a period of big change and growth for the brand, which launched its online ordering platform in January.

Sina also has plans to branch into the world of chocolate; the bakery is looking at building a chocolate room into the Marrickville store. This is set to happen around Easter time.

Sina said, “We can’t wait to branch out into making our own chocolate products.”

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