Harris Farm Markets is now ‘Coloured by Nature’...

Harris Farm Markets is now ‘Coloured by Nature’

a bowl full of popcorn with lots of signs with the names of artificial colours on them (Harris Farm)

Harris Farm Markets has made history earlier this month when it announced its initiative ‘Coloured by Nature‘, which sees it take its place as the only major grocery provider in Australia to stop stocking all products that use artificial food colouring.

“Anything artificial colours can do, nature can do better,” said Tristan Harris, Harris Farm Markets co-CEO.

According to Tristan, the journey to get to this point has been happening for five years. The supermarket has liaised closely with their suppliers to achieve this goal.

“Lots of suppliers told us they had wanted to take artificial colours out of their businesses for a long time, so our decision sped up theirs.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with suppliers like The Market Grocer, Koko Black, Fresh Fodder, Salumi, and, of course, the acclaimed pastry chef, Anna Polyviou,” said Tristan.

Harris Farm has called the initiative ‘Coloured by Nature’, and it has driven suppliers to innovate in the way that they create products.

“I learnt of Harris Farms’ Coloured by Nature commitment when I first tried to get my products on their shelves,” said Anna.

“By being knocked back initially, I learnt about Harris Farms’ standards, and if I wanted to be a supplier, I needed to meet those. It was a whole new ballgame for me and my team.

“For our Triple Choc and Choc Brownie Cookie Dough products, we had to change the while chocolate we used to one that was completely natural. Even though it was a tiny additive that was the issue, it was still an issue,” she continued.

“The team at Harris Farm worked with us, they nurtured us, they said ‘allow us to help you’, which was unique. It also started a domino effect, and made us research more about ingredients, and about the products that go into our products. The result is a product that is loved by everybody.”

This is an experience that is reflected in the other brands that Harris Farm has worked with.

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