Queensland Company Obtains Rights to Us Bakery

Queensland Company Obtains Rights to Us Bakery

A Queensland company family that opened six stand-alone Carl’s Jr stores in one year – and has a seventh on the way – has landed the Australian rights to US bakery giant Cinnabon.

According to The Courier-Mail, the Bansal Group has announced it will launch Cinnabon in the third-quarter of this year.

The Queensland company outlets will be concentrated in high pedestrian areas in South East Queensland shopping centres from the middle of the year, before being expanded into greater Sydney in 2020 and Melbourne in 2021.

Bansal Group co-owner Gaurav Bansal said Cinnabon’s point of difference was there was no international competitor on the Australian market.

“You have world famous doughnuts, you have world famous burgers but there’s no world famous scroll brand in Australia,” Mr Bansal said.

“Their frosting and cinnamon make them different from any other brand that people can’t imitate.”

Bansal Group will sub-franchise Cinnabon in Australia while also retaining a handful of outlets.

The Cinnabon bakery restaurant chain started in Seattle in 1985 and claims to have the world’s greatest cinnamon roll.

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  1. Linda sharp

    10 August

    Just had a cinnabon from your Robina store.
    Having become addicted to these in the USA I was looking for the product to live up to expectations.
    Just gotta say you’re lucky most people in Australia have never eaten the real thing.
    Almost a heartbreaking disappointment.
    Sickly, piled high with a butter icing topping not even melted into the product, could only taste raw butter and sugar.
    Bun hard and dry with most of the cinnamon filling in a sticky crunchy puddle in the cardboard box.
    Did not have the classic cinnamon flavour.
    There are queues in the states for these, but your shop was empty.
    Such a shame, all you have to do is get it right and don’t put teenagers in charge who clearly don’t give a toss.
    Only plus is I won’t be buying more, which will save my waistline.
    Unfortunately for you I’ll be warning others they’re going to be disappointed.

    • Kelly James

      17 August

      Ohhh that’s a shame to hear Linda. If you find a really great bun somewhere, be sure to let us know!

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