Popular Sydney bakery announces expansion

Popular Sydney bakery announces expansion

Sydney’s popular bakery Flour and Stone already delights locals with it’s intimate space, friendly service, and of course its glorious range of buttery croissants, spanakopita, scones, and delicate lamingtons, but the tiny bakery has announced plans to expand.

Don’t panic though, the original Flour and Stone will remain, while a new store will open up just two doors down at 43 Riley Street in January 2020.

Owner Nadine Ingram posted news of the expansion on Facebook, assuring customers that even in its growth in opening the “annexe” as the second space is known, the business will remain the small bakery the local community knows and loves.

“There’s been rumblings of Flour and Stone leaving the hood for bigger premises,” Ingram wrote.

“Tears at the thought of our tiny shop moving away.

“Let me tell you, it’s been a reflective year. You see, we actually outgrew our bakery about two years ago. In the meantime our incredible team have been working on top of one another like an acrobat pyramid.

“A framework with twenty-two people precariously balancing on one another’s shoulders builds a lot of trust, as you can imagine. You really get to know one another, intimately. And the rewards for that are immeasurable.

“But it’s not sustainable.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter to maintain our ambition to stay small. I could have chosen a big warehouse across town, increased production and rolled out F&S across the country. Then 43 Riley Street (just two doors down) popped up on my radar.

“No.43 will operate in conjunction with No.53. The new space will be a win for you and us, providing a better customer experience as well as giving us more space to breathe. There are big dreams for this space that we will tell you about soon. In the meantime it’s business as usual as we look to a long cake future in Woolloomooloo.”

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