Platypus Pie A Hit With Patriotic Diners

Platypus Pie A Hit With Patriotic Diners

The meat pie is an iconic favourite on Australia Day, alongside barbecued snags and perhaps a bucket of prawns.

Nonetheless, the Town Green Inn in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, ramped-up efforts to fill patrons bellies with patriotism on Australia Day by adding a quirky twist to the humble meat pie – and launching the Platypus Pie.

Quick to point out no platypus were harmed in the making of his pies, licensee Charlie Redmond says the quirky name refers to the use of locally-produced Black Duck Brewery’s Platypus Australian Pale Ale, which is combined with tender beef chunks and wrapped in flakey pastry.

“We always like to put a bit of a spin on our menu on Australia Day,” Charlie told the Macquarie Port News.

After marinating in the sauce for half a day, the beef is combined with onion, garlic, carrot and celery to enhance the flavour. In true pub style, the delicious pastries are accompanied by chips and salad.

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