Pink Buns are back to support breast cancer resear...

Pink Buns are back to support breast cancer research

The bakers at Bakers Delight were back this year for the brand’s annual participation in the Pink Bun campaign to raise money for breast cancer research with their Fun Buns.

All of the money raised from the sales of Fun Buns from 11–31 May will be donated to the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and will go to helping BCNA to continue to provide free services and resources to people diagnosed with breast cancer, including their families and supporters.

Kirsten Pilatti, CEO of BCNA, says the partnership with Bakers Delight provides an opportunity to raise awareness of breast cancer in every community around Australia.

“We are so thankful to Bakers Delight and their franchisees for their generosity, dedication and passion that every team member brings to the Pink Bun campaign. They really believe in what we do and are a big part of the reason we can continue to support people when they are diagnosed with breast cancer,” she says.

Franchisees Kim, Holly, and Donna have participated in many Pink Bun campaigns over the years they’ve been involved with Bakers Delight. This year’s campaign meant more to the three than the others, coming after they were diagnosed with breast cancer themselves.

Each woman found support from their families and communities, as well as their teams at the bakeries, who were able to take the weight off the ladies’ shoulders.

Bakers Delight joint CEO Elise Gillespie says this year’s campaign demonstrates some of the different ways their network of bakeries is connected to BCNA.

“We are proud to be BCNA’s founding partner… This year’s campaign has extra significance for us as it highlights some of the brave women in our own network who have had to fight this terrible disease and needed BCNA’s support,” she says.


Image: This year’s Pink Bun campaign ambassadors Donna, Kim, and Holly.

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