Victorian Bakers Delight recognised for Pink Bun c...

Victorian Bakers Delight recognised for Pink Bun campaign charity work

Kyabram Bakers Delight have been recognised as the top charity earners for the Pink Bun Campaign. Pictured are two female employees standing in front of a large wall of bread shelves. They each wear a pink top hat, pink apron and maroon Bakers Delight t-shirt. They're smiling at the camera, and each holding a bag of the pink buns.

Kyabram Bakers Delight, located in north Central Victoria, has been recognised as one of the top earning bakeries for charity in the country.

Kyabram Bakers Delight franchisess Vince and Liza Curtis have been at the store’s helm for 12 years and have proved their passion for giving through the Pink Bun campaign, raising money for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and awareness around breast cancer.

“We’re very proud of the fact we are one of the top bakeries. It’s a campaign that our staff and our customers get right behind,” Liza said. “We have many customers come in and share stories of their cancer journeys and it’s an opportunity to listen and really connect with them.”

Liza’s own father passed from cancer many years ago, and her family’s experience has motivated her to give back in support of other families in similar circumstances.

“Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and – as a team – if we can shed a little bit of light on those going through the journey then that is all we need, to be proud of what we are doing,” Liza said. “We appreciate the opportunity to not only raise money for BCNA but also raise the awareness that BCNA is there to support people and families going through breast cancer.”

Liza said their staff look forward to the Pink Bun campaign each year and are very enthusiastic about the cause, including their sales manager who organises raffles and a big “BCNA Day”. “Whilst it’s a very serious topic it is a very bright and active campaign,” Liza said. “It’s an opportunity to do something positive for others and be a part of the bigger picture, bringing some relief to people and families that are going through a cancer journey.”

From May 9-29, Bakers Delight bakeries across the country will begin baking their limited-edition Fun Buns to support Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and all Australians affected by breast cancer. During this time,100 per cent of the sales from every Fun Bun or Fun Bun six-Pack sold will be donated to BCNA to help it continue to provide Australians affected by breast cancer with the very best information, treatment, and support.

More than 20,000 women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

A breast cancer experience is different for everyone – and each Australian diagnosed will need different support – which is highlighted by the three Pink Bun ambassadors in 2024.

The faces behind this year’s campaign – Kansas, Sam, and Jill – arrived from different parts of the country to share and shine a light on how BCNA and its staff have supported each of them through their respective breast cancer experiences.

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