Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign puts the spotligh...

Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign puts the spotlight on breast cancer

Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign faces Jill, Kansas and Sam are pictured all in denim jeans and pink shirts. They stand in front of a pink background and each hold a bun topped with pink icing and sprinkles.

In 2024 the Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign is shining the spotlight on the many different types of support required for each Australian with a breast cancer diagnosis.

This year the campaign has shared three personal stories from Breast Cancer Next Australia (BCNA) members. The faces of this year’s campaign – Kansa, Jill and Sam – shared their personal breast cancer experiences.

Kansas, who was diagnosed at just 24, found a small lump in her upper left breast in 2021 while doing a self check. “…I had gotten busy and just put it off. I thought at 24 it couldn’t be major,” she said.

Sam’s story involved the BCNA advocating for better training of airport staff, after she reported a confronting experience involving going through airport screening with a breast prosthesis.

Meanwhile, Jill was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in her early 50s. This means her cancer is treatable but life limiting.

BCNA and Bakers Delight have partnered for 24 years now, with Bakers Delight raising more than $25 million for BCNA in that time.

BCNA chief executive officer Kirsten Pilatti said the generosity of Bakers Delight year after year is overwhelming.

” Without their support and that of their community, BCNA would not be here to provide the information and support Australians need as they navigate their breast cancer journey,”ย  she said.

“The partnership between BCNA and Bakers Delight provides an excellent example of what business and charity can achieve together.

“That ongoing support and partnership is something we don’t take for granted.”

Bakers Delight Joint CEO Elise Gillespie said the Pink Bun campaign was something she and franchisees around the country looked forward to each year.

“This campaign wouldn’t be a success without the generosity and enthusiasm of our franchisees and it’s incredible to see our bakeries turn pink for this special campaign,” she said.

“This year’s campaign theme really focuses on helping BCNA support every Australian affected by breast cancer, so we would encourage customers across Australia to come into their local bakery not only to buy Fun Buns, but to share their own personal stories and connection with breast cancer.

“It really reinforces why we do this campaign and what it means to our franchisees and local community members.”

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