Paddock Bakery bringing its wares to Geelong

Paddock Bakery bringing its wares to Geelong

Paddock Bakery has announced a new store opening in Geelong, Victoria. Pictured is a platter full of baked pastries and cakes.

Paddock Bakery has long been an institution on Queensland’s Gold Coast, popular for its doughnuts and Insta-famous desserts.

Earlier this year it was announced the bakery would be opening an outlet in North Geelong’s Federal Mills in Mid-April.

According to the Geelong Advertiser, the Geelong bakery’s venue manager Jeremy Drummond said it was his intention to bring the same quality and atmosphere to the Victorian store.

“The [Paddock Bakery] location in Burleigh Heads is really beautiful, it’s an ‘only Queensland’ property with beautiful gardens,” he said.

“I think we’ll get a similar feeling in the Federal Mills with the old brick and gardens.”

In addition to the doughnuts that helped earn the flagship store its name, the Geelong-based Paddock Bakery will also have quality coffee, pastries and bread in addition to a café menu on offer.

Mr Drummond told the Geelong Advertiser the bakery had a secret weapon up its sleeve: a wood oven.

“It’s been constructed here based on the exact same design we have in Burleigh Heads,” he said.

“It’ll be a bit of an icon that will be burning 365-days-a-year.”

Image: Paddock Bakery Instagram

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