Miles Government grant to help bakeries save on en...

Miles Government grant to help bakeries save on energy costs

Rockhampton’s Dean Street Bakery has been awarded more than $11,000 through Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Grant (MEEG) from the Miles government. New equipment being implemented in bakeries will help reduce annual electricity usage and costs.

The $7.1 million MEEG program is helping Queensland manufacturers switch to a low-carbon future by implementing energy efficiency measures. The $11,000 funding will enable Dean Street Bakery to purchase a two-door prover retarder which has a more energy efficient motor and compressor, allowing greater management of energy consumption when the proving process starts.

Owner Sam Hayman said the grant guaranteed that the business could reduce energy wastage and improve overheads, saving around $2,400 a year on their electricity bill.

“Like many small businesses, we’re looking to save money wherever we can and reducing our electricity use means we can save on the bill and reduce our emissions,” Mr Hayman said.

“A bakery uses a lot of electricity and with costs rising across the board, we’re thrilled to be able to make this simple change to our business that will result in meaningful cost savings.”

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