Poll reveals Australia’s favourite bakery pr...

Poll reveals Australia’s favourite bakery product

A recent poll has revealed a ranking of Australia’s favourite bakery products, with some surprising—and some very unsurprising—results.

The exclusive survey conducted by asked readers to rank 10 classic items commonly found in Aussie bakeries.

In news that will shock no one, the humble vanilla slice reigned supreme, with a whopping 26 per cent of the vote. Coming in equal second with 13 per cent of the vote each, perhaps surprisingly, was the afternoon tea favourite scone (with jam and cream of course) and Australia’s national dessert, the lamington.

The custard tart and caramel slice were a dead heat in third, with nine per cent each, followed by the chocolate eclair at seven per cent. The cheese and bacon roll, finger bun and Cheesymite scroll earned five, four and four per cent respectively.

In somewhat shocking news, the classic neenish tart came dead last with just two per cent of respondents voting for it. The half-and-half iced treat has been in decline, with another survey by 9Honey revealing many Aussies didn’t even know what a neenish tart was. Topped with two-tone chocolate and white/pink icing, the neenish is a sweet small round tart filled with jam and mock cream, and has been an Aussie bakery staple since early in the 20th Century.

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