LUNE makes trackside debut at the 2024 Australian ...

LUNE makes trackside debut at the 2024 Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix has found a new ambassador in F1-aerodynamicist-turned-baker Kate Reid—owner of Lune Croissanterie.

The cult favourite croissanterie has become a staple in Melbourne’s foodie scene with a range of specialty designed and curated croissants.

Kate Reid’s past as a Formula 1 Aerodynamicist seems to create a perfect tie between the croissanterie and the upcoming race making the announcement of the ambassadorship a very welcome one by Kate. A pop-up will be serving the sweet treats to all ticket holders across all four days of the event in Oval 17, near the Formula 1 Paddock—if you’re quick enough to grab one as they notoriously sell out across their stores.

Kate’s connection to the race day is certainly very personal, having grown up trackside with her father then eventually taking up a role with Formula 1 years later.

According to a release by the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, published on Mumbrella, Kate outlined her excitement and pride at being an ambassador and stall holder at the event.

“I’m incredibly proud to announce that, for the first time, Lune will have a store at the circuit for all four days of the Australian Grand Prix. Just like at our permanent stores, we are going to be baking our range of classics fresh throughout the day,” Kate said.

“I’m totally in love with the idea of the Albert Park circuit smelling of freshly baked Lune Croissants!

“Having previously worked in Formula 1 in a technical role, I think I’ve got a unique perspective which gives me an even greater appreciation for the all the work that goes into bringing this incredible spectacle to Melbourne.”

The event weekend takes place from Thursday, March 21, to the main race on Sunday, March 24, at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne.

A special edition Lamington-inspired twice baked croissant developed by Kate and her team at Lune will also be available in their Melbourne and Brisbane stores for the month of March. The croissant will will incorporate all the delicious elements of the classic Aussie treat inside a traditional croissant.

Image: Australian Grand Prix

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