Lune Croissanterie confirms location for Sydney st...

Lune Croissanterie confirms location for Sydney store

A Lune Croissanterie box. The box is brown with Lune in black, bold text across the top. There are lines radiating out of the word.

It’s the news Sydney-based baked goods enthusiasts have been waiting for: Lune Croissanterie has revealed the location of its Sydney flagship store.
The news was revealed via Lune Croissanterie’s Instagram.
“Dear Sydney,” the post read.
Long have I cast my eyes northwards to your beautiful, shimmering harbour. Tell me I’m not imagining it when I look at your famous bridge and your world class opera house and all I see is croissants?
“I’ve longed to bask in your sunny, warm climate, and experience what an *actual* beach is…
According to the Sydney’s store was originally meant to be in Darlinghurst, but Lune Croissanterie has now revealed the store will be located in Sydney’s inner south at Rosebery Engine Yards.
“I discovered a lovely spot in your lovely Rosebery, and it felt familiar and right. It was old and industrial, like my Fitzroy digs, and had plenty of space for all the things that make Lune so special,” the post continued.
“Right now, the painters and decorators are hard at work turn a big old factory space into a croissant wonderland.”
The popular croissanterie currently has three stores in Melbourne and two in Brisbane.

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