French claim new world record with 140m baguette

French claim new world record with 140m baguette

A new baguette world record has been set. Pictured is two bakers with their hands on a section of the baguette. Bearby is a schoolgirl in a blue blazer holding the Guinness World Record certificate.

A new world record for the longest baguette has been set after 12 French bakers created a 140.53m long bread in early May.

The baguette, which measures approximately 235 times longer than a traditional baguette, was made in the western suburbs of Paris at Suresnes during an event for the French confederation of bakers and pastry chefs.

According to, the team of French bakers fist began kneading the dough at 3am on the Sunday, before it was put in a specially built slow moving oven on wheels.

Following the assessment by the Guinness World Records judge, one of the bakers, Anthony Arrigault said everything had been validated.

“We are all very happy to have beaten this record and that it was done in France,” he said.

Once the judging and presentation was complete, part of the baguette was then cut and shared with the public while the rest was given to homeless people.

The baguette is carefully regulated in France. Each piece can only be made of wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, must be about 60cm long and weight about 250g.

The previous world record for the longest baguette had been held by Italy for the past five years. It was made in the Italian city of Como in 2019 and measured 132.62m.

Image: Ville de Suresnes X account

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