LeTAO lands in Melbourne

The end of last year was an exciting time for Melbourne, as it saw the launch of cult-favourite Japanese cheesecake brand LeTAO’s first store in Australia.

The brand announced the launch on their Instagram page, writing, “Melbourne, are you ready for the best Japanese cheesecake in town?”

The announcement was met by enthusiasm from Instagram fans, with comments reading “Omg have to come”, “that looks so good!”, and “Definitely visiting soon!” appearing under LeTAO’s posts shortly after they appeared on social media.

In person, the reception has also been excellent, with people flocking to the store and waiting outside to get a taste of the iconic Japanese cheesecake.

The brand’s philosophy is ‘Nostalgia meets modernism’, which it explains on its website.

“Our aim is to make exquisite sweets that are a source of delight and happiness for all of our customers. To do this, we create gastronomical experiences that blend nostalgia and modernism.”

It continues, “The familiarity of classic sweets creates a sense of comfort that contrasts with modern ideas around presentation, flavours, and textures.”

The Melbourne launch didn’t just take place at the bricks-and-mortar store in Melbourne, LeTAO has also made its products available across Australia via online ordering.

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