How Can We Better Recruit, Train And Retain Bakers...

How Can We Better Recruit, Train And Retain Bakers?

On behalf of the baking industry, Agrifood Skills Australia (Agrifood) has commissioned a project to investigate the current and likely future skill and labour requirements of bakers, pastry cooks and related occupations in Australia. The project will be conducted from January to mid-July, 2011.

AgriFood is one of 11 national skills councils, primarily funded by the government, that work with businesses, industry sectors and governments to provide advice on workforce development issues. These issues include those associated with the recruitment, retention and upskilling of workers. AgriFood works across all sectors in the agriculture, food processing, seafood, racing and meat processing industries.

The baking industry project involves both quantitative and qualitative components. Data is being gathered on the number of employees, businesses, qualification levels, recruitment and retention of workers

employed as bakers, pastry cooks and related occupations. As well, visits will be made by the project team to each state to discuss skill, labour, training and related issues with bakers employed in all sections of the industry – small bakeries, franchises, supermarkets, wholesalers/manufacturers as well as the service industry such as hospitals and hotels.

Tom Dumbrell & Associates have been appointed as project consultants. A steering committee consisting of representatives of industry associations and skills councils has been formed to provide general guidance to the project team.

The first meeting of the project steering committee was held in Sydney on 22 February, 2011. At the meeting, Chair Tony Smith from the Baking Industries Association together with the seven representatives of state baking associations and skills councils confirmed the approach to be adopted by project consultant Tom Dumbrell and his team.

further information including timelines for the visits to each state can be gained from agrifood project manager, ross ord at 02 6163 7207.

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