Halloween sundae features edible insects

Halloween sundae features edible insects

Quirky Port Melbourne gelateria Madame Spaghetti is known for its unconventional desserts, but it’s just gone and created a special, limited-edition Halloween sundae topped with real edible insects.

The spooky Spaghetti-Kins dessert consists of noodles of spice-infused pumpkin gelato finished with cinnamon-flavoured mealworms, Time Out reports. The creepy crawly dessert sits inside of a cute pumpkin and is finished with dry ice and a plastic spider ornament.

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The gelateria says the bugs are completely safe to eat, having been farmed and processed specifically for consumption, and are a great source of protein. They do, however, warn that people with a shellfish allergy could have a similar reaction to the edible insects.

If you’ve got the stomach to try the Spaghetti-Kins, visit Madame Spaghetti in Port Melbourne between Friday, October 25 and Sunday, November 3.

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