Mouth-watering croissant/gelato collaboration

Mouth-watering croissant/gelato collaboration

If it tastes great, you can probably put it in a gelato. At least that’s the can-do attitude of Gelato Messina, which has teamed up with Pepe Saya to make a mouth-watering Pepe-inspired gelato/croissant collaboration, available for a limited time.

Pepe Nose Best is a Pepe Saya croissant gelato, which Messina has made using Pepe Saya’s amazing Australian cultured butter to make its own croissants, before turning it into a delectable gelato.

Nearly everything that goes into a Messina gelato is made from scratch, and the croissants for this flavour are no exception; baked in-house by the Messina chefs.

Once baked, the delicious croissants are then blended into the gelato base to create a smooth, buttery flavour which tastes just like you’re eating croissants – but in gelato form!

Messina have a range of other unique flavours available, including That Old Kentucky Pie, consisting of bourbon and vanilla gelato smashed with chocolate and whisky pecan pie, mouth-watering gelato croissant and Peanut Butter Fingers, with peanut butter gelato and white chocolate chips.

They also sell their own creamy Messina Dairy milk, produced by their heard of Jersey cows in Numurkah, Victoria.

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