Dulcet opens second dessert shop in Haymarket

Dulcet opens second dessert shop in Haymarket

In stark contrast with the surrounding noodle shops, which attract diners with the quality of their food rather than their store designs, Dulcet’s second dessert store in Haymarket stands out with its charming pastel pink and turquoise colour scheme.

The in-store experience is important to owners Vivienne Li and Juno Zhu, and the stunning-from-floor-to-ceiling fit out complements the rows upon rows of perfectly identical, intricate, and delicious pastries and cakes Dulcet is famous for, all made in its original Burwood store.

Co-owner Vivienne Li told Broadsheet that Dulcet’s approach to dessert is applying French pastry techniques to typically Asian flavours, which are less sweet than many typical western sweets.

“Our cakes have very light, fluffy textures and they’re lower in sugar,” Li said, which makes them ideal for the health-conscious dessert lover.

“I’m not really a sweet tooth, and I find most things on the Australian market have very strong, sweet flavours, like passionfruit or caramel. Our customers are mostly Asian, and fluffy, light cakes with just a hint of sweetness suit their taste better.”

Confections on offer include fondant cakes with 70 per cent dark chocolate mousse, filled with jasmine tea and raspberry jelly, a strawberry jelly-filled black sticky rice mousse cake, matcha soft serve, matcha double-cheesecake, and a mango and coconut sago mousse cake.

If you’re game, they also serve up their famous 21-layer durian crepe cake made with only the best of the pungent fruit imported from Malaysia.

Li opened Dulcet in 2017 with ex-Quay head pastry chef Zhu, and describes the shop’s new Haymarket location as an “express shop”, ideal for a quick dessert or take away for a special occasion.

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