Domino’s Coolum to the rescue

Miles (Domino's Coolum manager) stands in a shop holding a dessert pizza and a pizza box with 'happy birthday' written on it in chocolate sauce (Domino's Coolum)

Last week, Domino’s Coolum had a rare chance to turn around a young girl’s disastrous day. They received a call from the mother of the girl swapping the large pizza order she had placed for the girl’s birthday party for a single pizza, because most of her daughter’s peers hadn’t showed up for the party.

Miles, the shift supervisor working when the call came in, decided to take matters into his own hands. He set to work crafting a custom dessert pizza with a chocolate base topped with churros and brownies.

When the girl’s mother arrived to collect the one pizza for the severely diminished party, Miles and the Domino’s Coolum crew surprised her with the dessert pizza along with a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ sign written in chocolate sauce.

Domino’s Australia praised Miles in a recent Facebook post, where they congratulate him “for going the extra ‘mile’ to help turn this customer’s day around.”

This sentiment was echoed in Facebook users’ reactions to the post, which currently has over 105,000 reactions on the site.

“What an amazing young man, to think about others before yourself, your mum and dad would be very proud of you,” one commenter wrote.

Another commented, “We need happy things like this in the world. Thank you very much Miles for making the birthday a little brighter.”

The story has touched many people who either experienced the same thing as children or were the parents of children who had been in the young girl’s shoes.

The girl’s mother was among those who commented on the post.

“The visit from Miles at our door was overly special and the biggest surprise. The love from our community has been the most memorable for our family,” she wrote.

The birthday girl enjoyed a much smaller party with a few close friends and the special custom pizza from Domino’s Coolum.

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