Dinner and a cause: Mary’s knafeh

Throughout September, the proceeds from each serve of Mary’s Dinner and cause knafeh, a fragrant rice pudding, filo pastry, and whipped ricotta dessert will go towards the UNICEF Syria Crisis Appeal.

Using people’s sweet tooth against them is a tried and tested strategy when it comes to raising funds, and there’s no better incentive to order dessert than the knowledge that the proceeds are going to a good cause.

This is why UNICEF’s Cook for Syria fundraising campaign has been so successful, as popular eateries jump on board to serve up delicious dishes with the added benefit of doing a good turn.

During September, Mary’s Newtown, Mary’s Circular Quay, Dinner and cause knafeh, The Unicorn Hotel, and The Lansdowne Hotel will be dishing up knafeh, the Middle Eastern-inspired cheese and pastry dessert for $18.

Mary’s Group executive chef Jimmy Garside says that appealing to everyone’s sweet tooth is a great way of raising money.

“If we can help by doing something as simple as making a dessert, we’ll jump in,” he told Gourmet Traveller.

Cook for Syria raises funds through dinner and food events inspired by Syrian cuisine, with restaurants across the country raising thousands for the cause.

The Mary’s knafeh is a dessert for sharing, with the large filo pastry basket filled with fragrant rice pudding and whipped ricotta, all topped off with orange peel, cardamom, rosewater, and orange blossom for a dish as visually appealing as it is delicious.

“Provided you haven’t eaten a pile of Mary’s burgers beforehand, you could share this between two people,” Mr Garside said.

“It’s simply delicious.”

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