Cruffins with Roman Urosevski

That delightful moment where a croissant meets a muffin results in the snack-goals masterpiece known as the ‘Cruffin’. This issue, we’re delighted to have Roman Urosevski of Son Of A Baker show us how to make of of his best-selling signature products. Roman makes this one filled with a decadent chocolate mousse and dipped in Lindt milk chocolate, but the beauty of the cruffin is that once you’ve got the base, you can turn it into anything, with any filling your heart desires.

Roman Urosevski is a second generation baker who had the option to choose his own adventure or take on his father’s bakery. Ultimately, he decided to strike out and make his own mark on the baking world. While going it alone hasn’t been without challenges, Roman jumped off the starting blocks quickly, opening three successful stores within just eight months of each other and turning Son Of A Baker into a Sydney icon. Roman spends much of his time collaborating and reinventing products to keep his offering fresh, exciting, and Instagram-able!



Premium bakers flour 2,241gm
Iodised salt 42gm
Caster sugar 228gm
Malt syrup 18gm
Improver 16gm
Milk powder 78gm
Unsalted butter 224gm
Instant yeast 42gm
Water 1,109ml
Unsalted butter sheet 500gm



Rub flour, salt, sugar, malt syrup, improver, milk powder and unsalted butter for 4 minutes on low speed.

Combine yeast and water, then add to mixture for 8.5 minutes on low speed and 2.5 minutes on high speed.


Knead dough and wrap it in cool room for 2 to 4 hours.

Start with laminating butter sheets with the rolling pin.

Give 2 book turns and leave the dough in cool room to rest for 30 minutes.

Take it out of cool room and give it a single turn, then rest it in cool room for further 30 minutes.


Sheet the laminated dough to 4-5mm.

Place on table, measure the sheet to 29cm vertically of two parts. Cut the excess sheet.

Divide the sheet horizontally into 3 parts.


Roll the divided parts without any gap in between with hands, leave them in freezer for 20 minutes and cut 5cm pieces from the rolls.

Line a tray with baking paper and spray muffin moulds with any oil spray.

Place each piece of cruffin in moulds and leave them in a dry and warm place for proofing.

Once they double in size, bake at 168C for 18 minutes.


Once baked, let them cool down for a while before decorating as you like with your choice of Chantilly or cream.


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