Coles Mother’s Day cakes go viral for the wrong re...

Coles Mother’s Day cakes go viral for the wrong reason

Poorly-executed cakes or ‘cake wrecks’ as they’re colloquially known as on the internet provide a great deal of entertainment for baking enthusiasts, but it’s probably every baker’s worst nightmare to be featured as one. This is what happened to Coles, with its Mother’s Day cakes going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, at least one unidentified Coles bakery worker became the laughing stock of the cake world after someone shared a photo of a heavily-discounted Mother’s Day with questionable icing work on TikTok.

The barely-legible writing on the cake reads, “Happy Mum’s Day”, and gives off the same vibes as the birthday cake the well-meaning Hagrid makes for Harry Potter in the popular movie, leading some to question whether the bad icing was in fact intentional.

More than 200 people commented on the video, some suggesting Coles had the cake decorated in a messy style purposely so kids could tell their mum they made it themselves.

“Pretty sure it’s so kids can say they made it,” one person wrote in a comment.

“This is actually really clever because no one will believe that’s professionally made,” another said.

Other commenters claimed to have seen similarly-decorated cakes at other Coles stores.

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