Chocolate World Tempering Machines

Chocolate World Tempering Machines

Tempering machine (chocolate tempering)

While chocolate tempering can be done by hand, when you are operating a larger business with a higher throughput, tempering your chocolate manually just won’t cut it.

Vanrooy has a range of automated chocolate Tempering Machines that can assist with your chocolate production and save you a lot of valuable time and therefore money, including the range by Chocolate World.

Chocolate World’s Tempering Machines are specifically designed to consistently temper your chocolate and simultaneously improve its quality. Equipped with digital temperature display, a heated vibrating table and a pedal to dose the chocolate, this machine is available in 24kg, 40kg, 60kg and 80kg units. The machines also have an optional single-phase system available upon request, fast melting, a tempering cycle, and easy-to-move castors.

For those with a lower budget, a fantastic alternative is the new range of Wheelie Tempering machines by Chocolate World, which have been designed to efficiently melt and temper chocolate callets. Available in two models (a 14kg machine bench-top unit and a 30kg free-standing model), the Wheelie tempering machines are made to be low investment machines, ideal for professional production. The 14kg unit has a digital thermostat and the 30kg unit (designed for larger production) is equipped with a vibrating table. Nonetheless, both machines temper the chocolate to a smooth and velvety texture.

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