Chocolate Mask Flies High Over Sydney Harbour

Chocolate Mask Flies High Over Sydney Harbour

Founder and owner of Josophan’s Fine Chocolates in Leura and Sydney, Jodie Van Der Velden, has created an impressive chocolate mask as part of a major advertising campaign for tourist and arts precinct, The Rocks.

Commissioned by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Jodie’s handcrafted mask represented the food component of The Night Bizarre celebrations, which were held at The Rocks during November and December.

“I was so excited to be involved in the project but at the same time it was terrifying,” Jodie said.

“Chocolate is such a fragile medium to work with, it was a really delicate project and then I had to safely transport the final piece from the Blue Mountains to Sydney for the photo shoot. I was holding my breath!”

Made entirely from fairtrade certified dark Belgian Callebaut coverture chocolate, the mask was drizzled in a chocolate glacage – traditionally used to glaze cakes – to add contrasting texture and movement to the piece.

“The brief called for the mask to appear indulgent, decadent, sticky and messy, but at the same time suggest high fashion, design and haute couture,” Jodie said.

“I agonised over this for some time trying to conceptualise how I could represent these seemingly conflicting ideas, also within the constraints of what I could realistically create using chocolate as a medium.”

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority has underpinned its advertising campaigns for The Rocks with the tagline, “Made by many hands”, a concept aiming to celebrate local artisans.

The image of Jodie’s mask (pictured) now appears on flags around Sydney Harbour, from The Rocks through to Circular Quay and the Opera House, and is featured on a billboard on the Cahill Expressway overpass.

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