Baking Growth Areas Predicted

Clean label, texture and fibre balance are three key areas to watch in the Australian baking sphere, according to Ingredion.

Ingredion – the new identity of National Starch and Corn Products, which is now one of the world’s leading ingredient solutions providers – has released research to Australian food companies suggesting consumers are now considering a wide criteria of nutritional factors when purchasing bakery productsWith more than half of Australian new product launches making ‘natural’ or ‘minus’ claims, Ingredion business director ingredient solutions Melanie Spaggiari said the Australian baking industry should embrace the clean label trend.

“Australians are increasingly looking for foods with fewer, simpler ingredients across the supermarket,” Melanie said.

“But when you’re going clean label, cooking processes and temperatures may need tweaking. Some clean label ingredients also impact the behavior of other recipe ingredients, so it’s important to work with an ingredient company which understands how clean label ingredients behave and interact.”

Ingredion also view texture as an important – yet an under-exploited dimension – in consumer-winning bakery products.

“Once you have the texture right, you can adapt other elements and create a winning recipe – whether it’s making a low-fat dessert creamier, creating a light crispy cracker without frying or boosting the nutrition in a snack food without losing crunch,” Melanie said.

The research also suggests boosting fibre levels in foods is a relatively straightforward way to improve the nutritional profile of a product, and acknowledges Australians are increasingly hearing the message to follow a high-fibre diet.

“Some experts are concerned [consumers] may be missing out on a balance of all three types of fibre; insoluble fibre, soluble fibre and resistant starch,” Melaine said.

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