Bakery Equipment Supplier Celebrates The Next Chap...

Bakery Equipment Supplier Celebrates The Next Chapter

Vanrooy Machinery has announced a change in its ownership and management structure in its 30th year of operation, with Duncan Black taking on the role of director.

Managing director of the well-known bakery equipment supplier and distributor, David Van Rooy, said very little will change to the business’ day-to-day operations.

“Duncan already worked in the company for almost six years as if he had ownership, so you won’t notice too much difference other than he now does have partial ownership,” David said.

“For the foreseeable future, Duncan will continue to concentrate on the general management and gradually work closer with me on higher level business matters. This will be a great advantage to the business ensuring we are always covered at that level.”

The Van Rooy family lineage is also expanding with David’s son joining the team. As the fourth generation of the family in the baking industry, Toby Van Rooy will follow closely in David’s footsteps by learning about the technical side of bakery equipment.

The Vanrooy Machinery family story goes back more than 50 years, when Dutch bakery and pastry cook Paul Van Rooy immigrated to Australia after WWII. Settling in Melbourne, Paul and his family established Red Mill Cakes in Hampton in 1952, which was sold in 1988 to allow the family to concentrate on the equipment business that is around today.

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