Dough-processing machines customised to your needs

Dough-processing machines customised to your needs

Founded in 1971 with the desire to make the highest-quality, Italian dough-processing machines, Sartori specialises in compact, high-output industrial solutions, with a range of industrial bakery lines that can be customised to perfectly fit your production needs from bread-rolls, donuts, hot-cross-buns, brioche and more.

The SVP model by Sartori is an automatic divider-rounder with a high hourly production rate, giving a precise and high-quality final product with every use.

The SVP perfectly divides and rounds all products, from soft to very-hydrated doughs, and can produce up to 6,000 pieces per hour (with a weight range of 15-300 grams). Thus, this machine dramatically reduces your reliance on staff whilst simultaneously improving your product quality. It also has a motorised exit belt with pressure roller, automatic drum oil with spray system, user friendly touch screen panel and hopper flour dusters with an additional flour duster on exit belt.

You can learn more about the Sartori SVP Industrial Volumetric Divider Rounder on our website.

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