Bakery chain feels the heat for bun pun

Bakery chain feels the heat for bun pun

Brumby’s Bakery has recalled staff t-shirts with the slogan “we’ve got the best buns in town” after complaints the play on words were sleazy and inappropriate.

Brumby’s head office has apologised for the misinterpretation, saying the slogan was intended to promote its hand-crafted hot cross buns.

“The campaign slogan will continue to be used through our Easter promotion, as Brumby’s bakers do make the best hot cross buns in town,” head office said, adding it wouldn’t appear on any staff uniforms.

While some employees and their families took offence to the t-shirts, several customers were vocal in their support for the t-shirts, which were intended to be worn by both male and female employees.

3AW listener Trisha said those who complained needed to “lighten up and have a laugh”.

“For goodness sake, where has our sense of humour gone?” she said.

“This used to just be called Australian humour”, another customer wrote on Brumby’s Bakery Facebook page.

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