Andy Bowdy launches café/patisserie Saga

Andy Bowdy launches café/patisserie Saga

Andy Bowdy launches café/patisserie Saga

Andrew Bowden, known for his cakes and cult desserts, and his talented restaurateur partner Maddison Howes have opened a café in Enmore, Sydney, and the enigmatic menu has indeed been revealed as one of unique flavour combos with a cheeky flair.

The launch has attracted huge attention from customers and the media, with mini versions of Bowden’s signature cakes on the menu in delightful flavours such as Anzac biscuit-style granola with honey rosemary yoghurt, white peach jam and a sprinkling of deep-fried rosemary, according to goodfood.

Another amazing mini cake is the Mini Matt, featuring milk crumb, matcha mousse, coconut chew, yuzu curd, vanilla butter cake, salted caramel and torched meringue.

The pecan pie Paris brest is another standout; it’s a classic pastry meeting the American-style pastry that’s Andy Bowdy’s specialty, featuring caramel Chantilly and brown sugar salted pecans.

According to goodfood, recycling is prominent throughout menu items – think thick shakes made with ginger cake leftovers and pastry offcuts incorporated in crosatas.

The savoury items are just as intriguing, with one of the first menu items revealed by the Saga team being a creamed corn with spelt, charred corn, pickled celery, poached egg and Parmesan.

Bowden has also been unapologetic in the café’s personality, with touches like the sizing of the tiramisu, which comes in either “enough” or “fat f***”.

Check out the full menu in store and check them out on Instagram @saga_enmore.

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