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The growing trend in food provenance is moving beyond the weekly farmers’ markets and going mainstream.

Research shows 85 per cent of Australians agree it’s important meat, eggs and dairy products sold locally are farmed in an ethical way, with major supermarkets making this shift to meet consumer demand.

Now, with more than three-quarters of Australians agreeing humanely- produced food is also important when eating at a café or restaurant, the RSPCA saw a growing need to help customers make more informed decisions when dining out.

Enter the Choose Wisely initiative. Launching with a new website in late October, the Choose Wisely search tool will be the go-to foodie directory making it easy for diners to find local businesses serving higher welfare food, such as cage-free eggs.

The association’s chief executive officer Heather Neil said Aussie’s care about animal welfare and can now take an active role in improving the lives of farm animals.

“As a customer, you can have more of an impact on menu options than you might think. By demanding humane food at your local eatery, you’re sending a clear message to restaurant owners, food distributors and farmers that you want to be served higher welfare produce,” she said.

High profile personalities including fitness guru Michelle Bridges are on board to promote the initiative, with more information available for business owners via the Choose Wisely website, launching later in the month.

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