Unmasked police officer cops earful in Brisbane ba...

Unmasked police officer cops earful in Brisbane bakery

An unmasked police officer copped an earful when he walked into a Brisbane bakery on Wednesday, with patrons and staff shocked by his disregard of the current mask mandate and lockdown.

The bare-faced Queensland Police officer was filmed by another customer in the Mango Bay Bakery, who chastised him for his apparent hypocrisy and later uploaded the video to TikTok.

A day earlier, a raft of restrictions were placed over Southeast Queensland, including a mask mandate and three-day stay-at-home order.

“Queensland Police at its finest. No mask. Everybody else has a mask,” a voice behind the camera says.

“Come on mate, follow the instructions we’ve all been given.

“If I didn’t have a mask, you’d say something to me, wouldn’t you?”

The officer went to leave the store before stopping close to the patron and saying: ‘Can I talk?’

However, the person behind the camera asked him to stay 1.5 metres away in accordance with social distancing measures.

Queensland Police Service later confirmed the incident to media, saying the officer turned himself in.

“A senior sergeant failed to wear a mask inside a local bakery in Mango Hill yesterday at 11am,” the statement said.

“After the officer was confronted by a member of the public, the officer immediately returned to his vehicle to retrieve his mask and self-reported to senior management.

“The Queensland Police Service’s posture has always been to educate and show compassion with the change of COVID-19 Chief Health Officer’s directions.”

While many viewers were angered by the incident, others said they felt sorry for the officer; saying “he’s only human”.

Not wearing a fitted face covering while under a mask mandate carries a $200 fine.

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