Tokyo Lamington Lands in Newtown

The creators of Tokyo Lamington Eddie Stewart (ex Black Star Pastry) and Min Chai (ex N2 Extreme Gelato) are returning to Newtown after a few years in Tokyo establishing N2 Brunch Club.

After slinging lamingtons in Chinatown, Tokyo Lamington will say “konnichiwa” to its new forever home in Newtown. Keeping with the Aussie theme they are taking up residence in Australia Street, in the birthplace of Black Star Pastry.

Tokyo Lamington co founder Eddie Stewart said: “It feels like we are coming home!”

The old Black Star Pastry store has been given a complete makeover to show off the distinctive mix of Aussie and Japan that is what Tokyo Lamington is all about.

The new store won’t just be serving up unique Lamingtons, they will be bringing their favourite flavours from Tokyo to mix with local ingredients and producers to create new food experiences—like the bacon and egg onigiri!

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