Three Mills Bakery launches Skywhale-inspired croi...

Three Mills Bakery launches Skywhale-inspired croissant

In a uniquely Canberran story, Three Mills Bakery has launched a Skywhale-inspired croissant, and it’s not just any croissant.

The Three Mills Bakery x Skywhales was a part of a collaboration with Skywhale artist Patricia Piccinini and the National Gallery of Australia for the launch of  and consisted of a purple wheat croissant filled with a honey milk custard and plum jam, and topped with a freeze-dried raspberry and puffed amaranth meringue.
For those unfamiliar with the Skywhale, it is a hot air balloon designed by sculptor Piccinini as part of a commission to mark the centenary of the city of Canberra. It was built by Cameron Balloons in the United Kingdom, and first flew in Australia in 2013. It has since been displayed around the world, and was acquired by the National Gallery of Australia in 2019.


Image credit: Nick-D – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Three Mills Culinary coordinator Kit Carpenter told The Canberra Times, “The parameters that Patricia gave us was that it needed to be sort of nutritious and needs to evoke the maternal nature of Skywhale.”

“We took that, in some ways, quite literally and we were looking at the Skywhale’s breasts and knew the cone was a really great representation of that. We also wanted to fill it with dairy – milk, essentially – and honey milk is very comforting when you drink it, especially as a kid.”

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