Three Mills Bakery opens new store inside Majura P...

Three Mills Bakery opens new store inside Majura Park Harris Farms Market

Three Mills Bakery has opened its newest store in Majura Park. Pictured is a white disposable coffee cup with a black Three Mills Bakery logo on it. Out of focus in the background is the exterior of the Harris Farm Markets store and signage.

Canberra-based favourite, Three Mills Bakery, quietly opened a new bakery outlet in late May. The new outlet is located inside the Harris Farm supermarket at Majura Park.

Three Mills Bakery founder Jarrod Deaton described the move as a new concept for the business in a social media post.

“We normally like stand-alone bakery stores tucked away in parts of the city where our wonderful clients are. This one felt like a risk tbh [sic],” he wrote.

“It felt like we didn’t have control over the customer experience or the types of people who interacted with our brand. That can be problematic when there are competing values or customer perceptions that don’t align.

“Thankfully only good things have happened. Harris Farm have built a great store. The people are wonderful and our team is a ripper.

“It’s been stupidly busy inside the store but everyone’s been really patient and supportive. And the best bit is after eight years we find ourselves back in Majura Park where it all began for us.”

Despite a delayed opening the Harris Farm Markets Majura Park store was warmly welcomed.

The supermarket will only be home to Three Mills Bakery, but also to a cut-to-order butcher, dry-aged meat fridges, and gourmet grocery selection of more than 500 cheeses.

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