Tarts Anon rides to new location with Pedla

Tarts Anon rides to new location with Pedla

Baker holds coffee mug while carrying delicious rustic-looking tart on plate (tarts anon)

Co-owners of Melbourne’s cult bakery Tarts Anon, Gareth Whitton and Catherine Way, have formed a unique alliance with Sackville Street cycle-apparel shop Pedla, introducing their new Tarts Anon location in Collingwood.

Since starting off as an #iso side hustle in 2020, selling out online and soon establishing their first location in Cremorne, Whitton and Catherine knew those cult tarts were far from being their last.

Now Broadsheet reports Tarts Anon’s second location occupies Pedla’s front corner, selling a cabinet-full of tarts alongside high-performance cyclist apparel—because what complements tarts better than cycling?

From outside this is one odd pairing, with Whitton being the world-class former head pastry chef of Dinner by Heston’s.

However, Whitton revealed he has been an avid cyclist for some time.

“High-performance athletes and indulgent baked goods are probably at opposite ends of the spectrum,” he said. But, “It was a far-fetched concept until it wasn’t.”

Their rotating menu of classic, specials and crowd favourites had lines wrapped around to Smith street and have continued to impress, while half and whole tarts can still be pre-ordered for those who are desperate to get their fill.

Whitton and Way also shared the new store isn’t their only new beginning, having recently welcomed a new baby.

Whitton told Broadsheet, “People say you create your own luck, and we have had some great luck, but I think we have worked ourselves to the bone to get to where we are now.”

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