Social Enterprise Keeps Up Momentum With Next Gene...

Social Enterprise Keeps Up Momentum With Next Generation

Sydney Artisan bakery The Bread and Butter Project (TBBP) is continuing to invest in baker training and employment pathways for communities in need, welcoming a new head of production and two new trainees.

Head of production Laurence Keily boasts a wealth of experience in the food and baking industry and is passionate about helping trainees learn the skill of artisan baking.

“I joined the project in late July knowing lots about start-ups but very little about social enterprises. My experience to date has been extremely positive and it is refreshing to be a part of a business where training outcomes are the main priority,” Laurence said.

“The team at TBBP has been very welcoming and I am looking forward to the next phase of the project and to passing on my experience to new trainees.”

The project continues its stream of success with its third trainee, Chantelle, landing a job as an apprentice chef at esteemed Sydney restaurant the Bathers’ Pavilion.

TBBP now has six refugee trainees and graduate trainee bakers enrolled in its program.

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