Pyney’s Pie Days a great success

Pie aficionado and blogger Shaun Pyne is not just a pie critic; he is also a charitable human with a heart of gold.

Shaun put his love of pies to good use with the creation of Pyney’s Pie Days, where bakeries could sign up to participate in helping to raise much needed funds for a good cause.

On March 13 and 14, a dollar from every pie sold at participating bakeries (around 100 odd signed up!) went to domestic and family violence relief charity RizeUp and men’s mental health organisation Grab Life By The Balls.

At the time of publishing over $8,000 has been raised and donated, with Shaun saying it was a “massive weekend”.

“I need to thank a number of different people for the weekend,” he said.

“If you grabbed a pie, I hope you had a great one. I had a number of different pies from a number of different places.

“We had a hundred and something bakeries on board which was a huge success.”

Shaun said the Pyney’s Pie Days started several months ago with “a crazy, crazy
idea from my old mate Johnny Gizzler”,
who he credited with the weekend’s success.

“Now we’ve pulled it off, this is just year one, guys. We’re gonna do this every
single year.

“We’re gonna get bigger and better.”

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