Portuguese Custard Tarts

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For the EOI Plex Puff Pastry (1/2 paste)
2,000g bakers flour
1,100ml water
30g salt

850g EOI Flex

This mixture will make a total weight of 3,980g and will be suitable for a 20L bowl.

For the custard filling
1,000g eggs
3,000ml cold water
1,200g EOI Custilla

This mixture will make a total weight of 5,200g and will be suitable for a 20L bowl.


To make the EOI Flex Puff Pastry (1/2 paste)
Place the water in the machine bowl first.

Add dry Group 1 ingredients and mix with a dough hook until almost clear (approximately 3–4mins).

Add EOI Flex ready bits and mix as desired. Best results will be gained by not over-mixing the dough.

*Alternatively, you can use EOI Ready-to-Use Puff Pastry Rolls. Available in a 2x5kg or 10kg roll.


To make up the pastry

Using EOI Puff Pastry Rolls or the EOI Flex Pastry above, roll out puff pastry to a length of 60cm from left to right.

Sprinkle cinnamon over the top of pastry then roll up similar to a scroll.

Then cut the scroll into 10mm slices like you would for cookies and pin out each piece to fit the tins or foils.


To make the custard filling
Add Group 1 ingredients to a mixing bowl.

Whisk on low speed for 1min and scrape down.

Whisk on high for 5mins.


Additional information
Make up Procedure for EOI Flex Puff Pastry (1/2 paste)
Half paste requires four half turns (2 half-turns-rest-2 half turns). Allow 15 minutes rest before rolling and cutting.

Make up Procedure for Custard Filling
Once mixed, pour into pastry lined Portuguese custard tart tins.

Flex puff pastry is suitable for freezing in a baked or unbaked condition.

 Points of importance

  1. Turns may be given to dough immediately after mixing if required.
  2. Cover the dough with a plastic sheet during rest periods.
  3. Cut-out pastry goods should be rested at least 15mins prior to baking.
  4. Adjust level of water in Group 1 depending on flour strength.
  5. More or fewer turns may be required depending on amount of mixing after the addition of the Flex.
  6. In very cold or very hot weather, water temperature should be adjusted to ‘condition’ the flex dough. Flex pastry dough that finishes between 20°C–26°C gives an even lift.

Ready Bits
A recipe for all high quality pastry goods using EOI Flex all vegetable pastry shortening.

Baking of EOI Flex Puff Pastry: 230°C

Baking of Portuguese Custard Tarts: 170˚C for approximately 30–40mins

Alternatively, EOI Ready-to-use Puff Pastry Rolls (1x10kg or 2x5kg) can be used instead of making your own puff pastry.

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