Smeg celebrates 75 years of innovation and Italian...

Smeg celebrates 75 years of innovation and Italian excellence

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Founded in 1948 as an enamelling and metalworking company, the Smeg company preserves the memory of the activity originally carried out in the acronym Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.

Still located in Guastalla, Emilia Romagna, the Smeg headquarters command a gorgeous, panoramic view of the countryside from the river Po. Imbued with passion, innovation, and timelessness, these essential elements of Smeg are celebrated through thoughtful design that pays homage to its all-Italian heritage.

This hub of creativity, history, and cultural significance is where Smeg—a third-generation Italian family business that has become a household name across the world—was born. It’s here, some 75 years ago, where an ambitious entrepreneur, Vittorio Bertazzoni, laid the foundation of innovation, research, and high-quality materials that underpin the modern Smeg brand.

With its extensive experience in the design and production of professional appliances, Smeg introduced Foodservice in the early 1980s. This offers innovative and technological solutions that guarantee excellent results and maximum comfort and efficiency in the workplace.

A love for cooking has always been an integral part of the cultural history in the provinces of Mantua, Reggio Emilia, Parma, and Verona. This culture has been part of Smeg’s identity from the very beginning.

Creativity, sophistication, and technology are the hallmarks of Smeg’s Italian character as well as its constant commitment to giving a soul to everyday objects.

Smeg’s Galileo Professional oven is a product dedicated to catering sector professionals seeking perfection every day. It is designed for excellence in the kitchen, innovating culinary tradition through the simplicity of technology.

Six high-performance cooking modes allow you to cook to perfection, ensuring professional performance and a gourmet experience. The combined function combines power and temperatures with direct steam injection to achieve minimum weight loss during cooking and perfect food regeneration. The steam function reduces cooking times, guarantees uniform cooking, and preserves all the nutrients in the food, enhancing its colours and flavours. The grill function allows you to adjust the humidity in the cooking cavity to obtain the ideal environment to grill food. The night function with low temperature cooking optimises times and guarantees that the dish is cooked perfectly and delicately with minimum weight loss and low energy consumption.

The ΔT° function guarantees excellent and repeatable results. Finally, the dry-environment cooking guarantees uniform cooking thanks to the air-circulation system that allows cooking food to have the same results at every level, even when the oven is full.

Performance, efficiency, durability

Technological solutions are designed to maximise results and improve performance for excellent cooking results. In fact, the oven is equipped with a new ThermoFunnel cavity to ensure the best cooking performance and high energy efficiency. The careful design of the new cavity, with a parabolic-shaped back, and a new reflector geometry improves air distribution and ensures homogeneous heating of all types of food.

The door is fitted with three glass panels to improve thermal insulation of the cavity, maintaining homogeneous heat and temperature inside the oven while the external temperature of the door is always low. The lights located on the door provide optimal lighting so that you can quickly monitor the food being cooked on each individual shelf. Further attention is dedicated to the user experience thanks to the ergonomic handle that, through its solid rotary opening and slim design increases the comfort of use for the operator.

The newly designed graphic interface offers numerous features and allows customisation of the operating modes. The latest generation seven-inch full touch screen display is even faster and more intuitive. It makes the oven easier to control, to obtain the best possible cooking results.
Innovating culinary tradition is designed for excellence in the kitchen.

Smeg’s foodservice solutions

Coming into Australia in the early 1970s and after consolidating its position in the home appliance sector, SMEG has now been in Foodservice in Australia for the past 15 years, branching out and creating new professional divisions specialising in products for the foodservice market.

Smeg’s Foodservice Solutions is dedicated to satisfying the requirements of the professional catering sector and is now proud to offer its new range of professional Foodservice products to the Australian market.

Years of experience in international markets, Italian design, engineering, and manufacture, as well as excellent technological know-how in design and fabrication, result in innovative and functional solutions, which guarantee an ideal environment for perfect cooking and washing results every time.

Smeg Foodservice specialises in the manufacturing of professional dishwashers and ovens for hospitality, with their own warehousing across all of Australia in Sydney, Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Launceston.


To learn more about Smeg’s foodservice solutions, contact Smeg on:
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