Pliable Butter Sheets

Maxum Foods provides Canary Butter Sheets, which are made from some of the finest butter in the world—New Zealand creamery butter. Pliable enough to use straight from the fridge, these butter sheets are perfect for croissants, Danish pastries and puff pastry.

Canary Butter Sheets improve the consistency and quality of your pastries by ensuring an even distribution of butter, producing a flaky, gold exterior. Easy to work with, Canary pliable Butter Sheets have a melting point of 37°C so the butter sheets won’t soften too quickly. Plus, you’ll save time prepping butter, which will speed up your production.

Store chilled or frozen, Canary Butter Sheets are available salted or unsalted. The butter sheets are layered between HDPE film, enclosed in a plastic liner bag and an outer carton to ensure they remain fresher for longer. Maxum Foods provides Canary Butter Sheets in 1kg and 2kg formats.

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