Pantry Story opens bricks-and-mortar store

Pantry Story opens bricks-and-mortar store

Sydney-based Pantry Story has opened it’s first store, which was welcomed with open arms.

The business first began as a pandemic side hustle for then bakery student, Mutiara Sucipto. She used Instagram to sell her pan-Asian inspired creations, quickly clocking up loyal customers, before the Pantry Story business snowballed into a popular pop-up at Ryde Wharf Market .

As of early February, Pantry Story became a fully-fledged bricks-and-mortar store located in Stanmore, in Sydney’s inner west.

Mutiara has run the business since inception with her partner and fellow baker, Hari Wibowo.

Unlike the majority of other bakeries, Pantry Story doesn’t keep their goods behind a glass counter but rather the menu revolves around a large, circular display table located in the middle of the room.

On this display table you may find a “brochi”, a fudgy brownie mochi which has been the bakery’s biggest hit and was inspired by Mutiara’s Indonesian-Chinese heritage. There may also be fluffy green buns with pandan custard, kimchi and cheese foccacia, and brisket hand pies alongside more tradition items like pain au chocolats and croissants.

Mutiara told Broadsheet she and Hari found the retail space via Facebook Marketplace, and got the keys back in August 2023.

“Its location is quite random. But when we saw it in person, I saw the ceiling and thought it looked quite nice,” she said.

“I suggested we try to open as a store.”

The ceiling that caught Mutiara’s attention is a cathedral-like ceiling that is accented by off-white beams. It also sits in contrast with the store’s almost non-descript front.

Mutiara said in order to let the ceiling be the star of the show, the rest of Pantry Story’s fit-out was left intentionally minimal; a neutral palette was used for the bench and seating.  There is, however, a statue of a pug – an ode to Mutiara and Hari’s dog Taro.


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