Kindness in crisis: how to survive a pandemic

Kindness in crisis: how to survive a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly brought out worst and best in people, from people fighting over supplies to strangers purchasing coffees for random strangers lining up outside Centrelink.

The good guys are determined to win the fight, sharing stories of kindness in a time where many are feeling bleak.

Melbourne woman Catherine Barrett set up a Facebook page called The Kindness Pandemic, which has become a thriving community of people sharing acts of kindness during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are all motivated by a want to share acts of kindness that don’t make the virus go away, but make people’s lives easier and connect us to a shared humanity,” Ms Barrett told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“It is an international revolution, we’re calling it at the moment.”

Ms Barrett said her favourite stories from the group were acts of kindness shown towards supermarket workers, who have endured weeks of abuse from panicked shoppers.

“My favourite stories … were just the really, really simple ones,” she said.

“People going into supermarkets and saying to the supermarket staff ‘how are you going?’

“The staff in supermarkets were being really very moved by people being nice to them.”

Now with more than 300,000 members from around the world and growing every day, the Facebook page is proving the perfect antidote to the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, and is inspiring everyday Australians to show family, friends, coworkers and complete strangers that they care.

“Every morning my sweet neighbour has been knocking on my door and leaving me a hot and STRONG coffee to help me through a morning of homeschooling,” wrote one woman.

“I’m so thankful.”

Businesses have gotten onboard too, showing ways their customers have been kind to them or one another. Some small businesses have shared how they are making a difference by giving back to the customers and community members who have supported them through tough times.

Join the Facebook group to become part of the movement.

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