New Aether Brewing/Flour & Chocolate collab

New Aether Brewing/Flour & Chocolate collab

Beer and dessert lovers are in for a treat with Aether Brewing and Flour & Chocolate Northgate’s latest collaboration dropping on Friday—as well as the revival of their first!

The neighbouring Brisbane brewery and bakery teamed up in 2020 to release the Nitro Bee Sting Cream Ale, which has a flavour inspired by Flour & Chocolate’s famous bee sting pastries.

Now, they’ve put their heads together again to reimagine Flour & Chocolate’s Red Velvet Chocolate Cake as a stout.

The brewery, which relocated to Northgate in 2019, describes the two beers as follows:

Nitro Bee Sting – Cream Ale

Bee Sting Cream Ale, a beer so tasty you’d think it was fresh from the oven itself. The beer boasts a bright golden haze and thick, creamy head. The light malty base carries strong aromas of vanilla and custard, supported by underlying notes of honey and almond. The nitrogen gives a thick, silky-smooth mouthfeel that compliments the delicious pastry flavours. One sip and you’ll feel like you’ve bit into a fresh Bee Sting pastry.

The Nitro Bee Sting cream ale is surely a treat for all to enjoy.

Velour Fog – Red Velvet Nitro Milk Chocolate Stout

Our second collaboration with the always amazing Flour & Chocolate Bakery has us taking on their Red Velvet Chocolate Cake, a beer so decadent you’d think you’re skipping straight to dessert. Velour Fog pours dark and silky, with a thick blanket of nitrogen to burst the fruity raspberry accents and smooth tones of cacao and buttercream.

Lactose accentuates chocolate malts to give a milky-smooth taste as rich and full as you’d expect from a treat so indulgent. One sip of Velour Fog feels like you’re biting into a Red Velvet Chocolate cake and is surely a treat for lovers of craft beer and sweets alike.

Both Velour Fog and Bee sting will be available from the taproom and online from Friday, April 23.

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