Australia Post’s perishables ban to impact s...

Australia Post’s perishables ban to impact small business

Australian businesses are calling for Australia Post to clarify the ban it announced yesterday on perishable goods which starts June 30. 

Rhiannon Druce, General Manager of Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory said the business have been trying to find out from Australia Post if chocolate is included in the ban (to no avail) – because if it is, it will have a massive impact on their business. 

“Online sales have skyrocketed since COVID and we are based in an isolated regional town so we rely heavily on Australia Post to deliver our online sales to our customers,” she said. 

“Regional businesses will suffer the most from this decision as there is often no alternative to Australia Post as it will pick up and deliver from anywhere in the country.

“We understand the change in guidelines for products that cause health risks if delayed in transit, however, chocolate isn’t one of those.

“There is no clarity around the definition of perishable goods and there needs to be as soon as possible.”

In a statement, taxpayer-owned Australia Post revealed it will no longer deliver perishable products such as dairy (including cheese and truffles), native bush ingredients and smallgoods from June 30. 

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory had its biggest Easter on record as Australians, including many corporate businesses ‘shopped local’ in a bid to help boost local business, with the company sending thousands of parcels and packages containing personalised Easter eggs and chocolates across Australia.

“This could ruin online sales for us,” Rhiannon said.

“Chocolate has a longer shelf life than some perishables. We need more clarification on the ban, and an alternative for postage.”

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